About Ogatsu, Ishinomaki City Tsunami disaster town,where untouched nature capture your heart

Located 280 miles north of Tokyo. On the beautiful shores of rias coastline, surrounded by mountains and ocean.Before the East Japan Earthquake, Ogatsu had 4,300 people living with nature peacefully.

The town is known for its fishery, scallop, silver salmon, oyster and hoya (sea squirt) farming. Also, Ogatsu is home of Japanese Ink Stone,90% share of domestic market. Ogatsu inkstone used for traditional calligraphy, but also for the roof of the famous Tokyo Station.

Houin Kagura, a traditional dance ritual is designated as national important cultural property, with a heritage going back to the 600 years.This small town shows the best of Japan’s treasures ‒ rich nature, culture and the simple yet peaceful living of its inhabitants.

On March 11, 2011, 60ft. tsunami hit the shores of Ogatsu, and took away the lives of 250 people, and destructed 70% of the town.Today, population has decreased to one-forth, now only 1,000 people.

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About Ogatsu School Restoration Project Revitalize community through education

“Kuwahama Elementary School” was built over 90 years ago, and closed down in 2001. It is a beautiful wooden school using traditional Japanese architecture with Ogatsu inkstone on its roof. School is situated on the highland looking down at the bay. The Ogatsu School Restoration Project will renovate this school to create a sustainable learning center, with accommodation and restaurant to receive children from all over the world.

Our goal is to provide rich nature experiences like, agriculture, fishery, and forestry provided by locals. Also, cooking with the local produce and wood crafts using the local trees. IT programs such as digital documentation using tablets, documenting the rich natural environment, will help to connect new skills for tomorrow’s children with nature.

By restoring the school will attract visitors and provide job opportunities for the locals, revitalize the community still devastated by tsunami. We believe this model will be adapted in other rural area of Japan where nature is rich but the community is over aged and depopulated.

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Our mission: Develop a Environment-Society School which contributes to a sustainable society

UNESCO states sustainable development in children is key to our future. In a rare natural environment of Ogatsu, surrounded by both mountains and sea, where water generates in the mountains become stream then river flowing to sea. A way of living which connects nature, cultural heritage, and people’s daily lives.

Learning value and wisdom of nature from the locals, children will understand how to be sustainable, and coexist with nature. This will gain knowledge for sustainable lifestyle as well as sustainable urbanization.

Many international supports have, and still delivered to us. Keeping the relationship, inviting children and adults from all over the world will create cultural diversity helping children expands choices, nurtures a variety of skills, human values and worldviews and provides wisdom from the past to inform the future.

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Vision We are already moving forward with top professionals

The place

A gathering ground for children around the world,who wish to actively think and act for the our planet’s tomorrow

What we aim for

Leveraging the rich natural environment of Ogatsu, which devastated community to recover through education.

Our promise

We will provide a learning ground where children can learn and connect through experience. Becoming stronger, feel grateful, care for others and nature’s givings, and act and feel proactively. Become global eco citizen to create sustainable society for the earth’s tomorrow.

Our accomplishments to date

Many Japanese and global top professionals have visited Ogatsu, and are committed to connecting Ogatsu to the World. Pilot program participants have been stimulated by the many learning and have returned.

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Leading Organization and Contacts

Organization : Public Incorporated Association sweet treat 311
Chairman : Takashi Tachibana
Web : http://sweettreat311.org/english
E-mail : swtt311@gmail.com

We are accepting donations through GlobalGiving

GlobalGiving : http://goto.gg/16403

The Ogatsu School Restoration Project is accepting donation through GlobalGiving from March 1. In third memorial of mega earthquake and tsunami, we ask for your donation to restore the school and rebuild community. Tens of thousands of people are still in the temporary homes. Heavy stress is affecting elders to lose motivation to live and children as well. Your contribution will create job opportunities and learning center for children to become sustainable global citizen.

Ogatsu School Revitalization Project off icial Facebook page

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